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CANAVESE, land of Flavours (Book & DVD)

(with the partecipation of: Alessandro Felis, Domenico Tappero Merlo, Roberto Marchello;

text: Giovanni Ponzetti

translated by: Patrick Worsnip)


a co-production Atene del Canavese - Masterblack


Believing firmly as we do in the potential of the Canavese, we have been working for several years to contribute to the promotion of the area. Even before we made each other’s acquaintance, both of us were working individually to bring out this unexpressed potential, until we began our collaboration with “Voices of the Heart”, a long interview with the Piedmontese musicologist Amerigo Vigliermo that enabled us to get to know the Canavese through popular songs. Subsequently we told the story of the region by speaking of the 11th Century King Arduin and the poetry of Guido Gozzano (1883-1916).

Music, history and literature, however, do not exhaust the manifold facets of this territory; in fact, the most direct and complete way of speaking of a people is through its food, and the Canavese is rich in traditions from this point of view as well. 

Taking advantage of an important date, the 50th anniversary of Erbaluce DOC wine, which will accompany us throughout our journey, we will familiarise you with our traditions by having you taste dishes from the past adapted to modern times, and introducing you to those products that are important to many people professionally.

Finally, we will take you through the places that have inspired this book and video, to begin your visit to the Canavese.


All fundamental ingredients of Canavese, Land of Flavours.


Atene del Canavese & Masterblack


Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eQ40GkyVwoo

ISBN 978-88-97613-62-6


CANAVESE, land of FlavoursCanavese Terra di Sapori DVD

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